Survey Says Chiropractic Helps A Lot With Back Pain

In a recent survey by Consumer Reports, respondents replied  with information regarding alternative health treatments including common treatments for back pain.  They included responses about medications as well.

Here is a short summary of their findings regarding back pain:

Back pain: Thirty-six percent of survey respondents utilized chiropractic for back pain; 65 percent said it “helped a lot.” Prescription medication use was slightly higher (38 percent), but only a little over half (53 percent) of those who used it said it helped a lot. Over-the counter medication use was much higher (58 percent), but only 28 percent of users said it helped substantially. Other therapies with high utilization and/or perceived benefit: deep-tissue massage (24 percent use, 51 percent said it “helps a lot”) (SOURCE:

This should be obvious by now and it reflects the public perception of chiropractic.

Yes, chiropractic is safe and effective for back pain.  My hope is that soon the tide will turn and it will become evident to all that regular chiropractic care  helps reduce back pain – but more importantly, prevents back pain and promotes overall health!

For this to happen the consciousness needs to shift away from the need for medicine and toward the realm of natural health care, like chiropractic.

Despite overwhelming research on the benefits and efficacy of chiropractic care, the general populace is more prone to mask their symptoms with medication rather than find the cause and correct it with chiropractic.  This is a dangerous mindset!

Do you have questions about chiropractic care?  What do you think of this survey?

Leave a comment below!  Or, if you’d like to chat in person – call and make an appointment.  We’re here to help!

Dr. Joel


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