Modeling Fitness For Our Kids

Every parent knows that their schedule fills fast with the addition of kids to the equation.  Between daycare drop-offs, home projects, and busy work agendas –  exercise is often subtracted as a non-essential activity.

As a parent, I find myself trying to stay active for several reasons.  First, I want to stay healthy so that I can be active with my kids as they get older.  I hope that I am privileged with the opportunity to play with them as they continue to grow.  I want to participate with them in different sports and activities their entire childhood.  So, I want to do what I can to keep myself in a position to do so.

Secondly, I want my kids to see exercise as enjoyable rather than a chore.  I don’t want them dreading activity.  I want them to enjoy breaking a sweat!

In a recent article on, Kristen DeLeo shares some tips…

So the key is to do what you love, and let your kids know how great it makes you feel. Before a challenging bike ride, share with them the route you plan to take and your excitement about the prospect of beating your best time. After your favorite aerobics class, verbally express what a good workout you got and how much fun you had. Exaggerate a little, for good measure. They will notice.

Think about how much healthier America’s kids could be if adults rewarded them with a fun activity rather than a new video game or a wad of candy. [Full Article:$QY4PD/?a=comment]

That about says it all!

Make it a point to be active yourself.

If not for yourself – do it for your kids!

Your St. Paul Chiropractor,

Dr. Joel


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