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Why Take Fish Oils?

Fish Oils, Inflammation & Ibuprofen

We’ve heard for years that fish oils are beneficial to our health.  There are many health benefits that can be mentioned but one of the main ones is the effect it has in our bodies with respect to inflammation.

Inflammation is an underlying part of most all chronic conditions affecting human health. From acne to arthritis and cancer to heart disease – inflammation is a factor.

Often times we focus on only one aspect of the condition without seeing the big picture. The presence of inflammation often leads people to self medicate with over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen or Tylenol. We know -from advertising as well as medical advice – that these medications are supposed to help fight inflammation.

But these drugs (yes, even over-the-counter drugs) can have nasty side-effects, especially if used chronically.

In this short video, see an explanation of how balancing out the ratio of Omega 3 fats with Omega 6 fats can yield less inflammation and may reduce the need for ibuprofen.

Why Take Fish Oils

Download this infographic here –> Why Take Fish Oils

So, you see – balancing the ratio of fats in our diet can have a profound effect on pain and inflammation. Some studies have shown that equal or greater benefit from taking fish oil than taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for different conditions (1,2).

And fish oil is not associated with the serious side effects of ibuprofen and other drugs.

Remember, all omega 3’s are not equal. Although they contain omega 3 fats – flaxseed and walnuts are not the best source of omega 3 fats in our diet. And there are two main components of fish oil that you want to make sure are present when considering supplementation.  And quality counts.

Balancing your healthy fats in your diet can be one of the best ways to get healthier. And it doesn’t have to be hard.  Simple strategies can yield big results and make your other efforts easier at the same time.  Isn’t it time to take control of your health?

If you have questions as to the proper amount of fish oils to supplement or if you are wondering if your fish oil is adequate, give us a call or leave a message. We’re here to help!

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