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Why Seasonal Allergies Make You Miserable

Seasonal Allergies

It is estimated that seasonal sneezing affects 50 million Americans each year – and that number is rising.  It is commonly called hay fever but the medical term is allergic rhinitis and if you are one of those ‘lucky’ ones, you know how miserable it can be.

Red, itchy eyes. Violent fits of sneezing. Congestion.  It’s enough to make you go bonkers!

And sadly, it doesn’t end in just a day or two. It is called seasonal for a reason. Many suffer seasonal allergies in the spring when tree pollen is plentiful, and many endure allergies in the fall due to grass pollen – and, some get the joys of both!

So why does our body react this way each season?

Below is a short video provided by the Washington Post to illustrate this concept.

Supporting our bodies through this process is necessary.  Eating or not eating certain foods can be very helpful while suffering seasonal allergies.  For instance, eating dairy or high carbohydrates will tend to make the congestion worse and slow the clearing of mucous from your airways.

Several supplement show benefit in promoting better breathing as well. Many allergy supplements include Stinging Nettles due to its medicinal properties and role in assisting respiratory function.  Quercetin and Bromelain are also used to reduce inflamed nasal airways and thin the mucous that is congesting them. Many supplement companies will blend these beneficial herbs and compounds so you don’t need to find multiple supplements.

Finally, chiropractic restores balance to your body and removes stress to your nervous system.  This will benefit you if you are struggling with your seasonal allergies.

If you have questions, call us at Lifestyle Chiropractic – we’re here to help!  Comment below if you are an allergy sufferer and what you do to help with this issue.

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