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When To See The Doctor

When To See The Doctor

A common issue in adulthood is keeping up with the regular appointments possibly necessary to monitor and maintain your health. Our friends over at created a nice infographic for your review. It details the many different avenues of healthcare and when you should each respective practitioner.

Of course it is a generalized representation. And, there are exceptions to every “rule.”

Even so, it is helpful to look at each discipline and see where you fall on the spectrum of utilization.

I don’t believe this to be a perfect representation for each health care discipline (as I’m sure other providers would agree). For instance, I disagree with the inclusion of “flu shots” as a required aspect of wellness. (You can read some additional thoughts on that subject here).

But I’m curious as to your thoughts.

Are there any surprising recommendations? Any that you were uninformed about? Leave a comment below!


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