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What Does Car Maintenance Have To Do With Your Body?

Used Tires

A Personal Story

Yesterday I was driving on I-494 heading back to the office for my afternoon appointments.  I crossed over a couple lanes of traffic and was about to exit the interstate when I heard an awful “WAH-WAH-WAH-WAHP” sound.

Was it a helicopter?  No.  I knew right away that I had blown a tire.  I could drive no further.  Unfortunately, I was already crunched for time and would have to cancel an appointment with a practice member.

I removed the jack and tire wrench from my trunk and began the process of removing the lug nuts from my wrecked wheel.  Once I had the car jacked up and removed the tire I could inspect it more carefully.  I was embarrassed to find that the tread wear was much greater on one side of the tire.

You see – I had known for a while that my alignment was off and that my tires were getting up there in mileage.  I just had neglected to address it.

Life is too busy, you know.

And yet, here I was late to return for scheduled appointments, turning a tire iron alongside a busy freeway in the blowing cold.
It appears that sometimes you need to make time – like it or not.

In fact, as I type this – I am sitting in the tire shop and waiting for my new tires to be installed.  Killing time – time I had planned for more productive (and less expensive) tasks.

Healthy Maintenance

I can’t help but compare this to the way we treat our health.  We all know we need regular maintenance to stay healthy, but we try to get by with the minimum.  Then we experience a crisis and rue our fate.

Specifically in our spine – we experience misalignments all the time.  Postural stress from computer work and couches, slips and falls, old injuries and many other stresses jar our bodies and we put up with the mini misalignments all the time.  You know, the “it’s just a crick-in-my-neck” type of thing we experience from time to time.

I hear it all the time…

And then it happens…bending over to pick up the newspaper causes the mother of all pain to shoot from your back and down your leg.

back painWhat the…!

Was the newspaper too heavy that particular morning?  Of course not, but the problem had been developing for awhile.  The proper maintenance had not been done.  That instance of bending was the proverbial “straw breaking the camel’s back.”

Just as the gradual wear and tear happened to my tires over time eventually causing a blowout – so the gradual wear and tear of misalignment takes its toll leading to episodes of pain.

What if we did early and regular maintenance?

Do you think we may avoid these pain “blowouts”?  You bet and you will be healthier for it.  You see, pain is only part of the problem.  By the time you feel the pain, more damage has been done.  Pain is usually the last part of the problem to show up – thankfully, it is also one of the first things to go away as you heal.

Are you due for some regular “maintenance?”  Has it been a while since you’ve been evaluated?  Never been checked by a chiropractor?

There has never  been a better time – don’t blow your chance at being proactive by waiting any longer!

Need some advice on where to go?  Call us up – we’re here to help!

Your St. Paul Chiropractor,

Dr. Joel

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