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Vitamin D or Flu Shots?

vitamin-d-fluEvidence Basis for Flu Shots

Every Autumn we are inundated with ads for flu shots.  Employers are providing them for their employees, churches are providing them for their communities and doctors are recommending them for their patients.

Often times, scary statistics of the number of annual deaths are cited.  Creating urgency. Get your flu shot!

The other day I heard an ad that said “Getting your flu shot is the best way you have to prevent the flu.

Really? What does the research actually say? Are flu shots our best way of preventing the flu?

Or are there other less risky ways to confer protection without having the potential risks associated with flu shots?

Dr. Mercola takes a look at the research supporting the flu shot.  He also examines the research behind another intervention – Vitamin D.  Which is the most evidence-based intervention?

It’s well worth the time to examine the what the actual evidence reveals behind these two approaches to prevention.  What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment below!

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