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Thousands of Deaths are Preventable, says the CDC

74There are 5 leading killers in the United States each year that together account for 900,000 deaths.  Heart disease, cancer, respiratory illness, accidental injury and stroke lead the way when it comes to mortality.  In each category, the CDC found that between 20-40% of deaths could be prevented, their findings detailed in a recent report.

The report acknowledges that premature deaths from the five leading causes often are a result of unfavorable lifestyle and environmental factors. These include alcohol and tobacco use, poor diet, obesity, sun exposure, pollution and chemical exposure. The CDC’s report links unintentional injury to factors such as lack of seat belt and bike helmet use, unsafe consumer products, drug misuse or abuse and unsafe public and private environments.

Now more than ever is lifestyle intervention necessary to prevent chronic illness and death.  Too many people are leading lifestyles of convenience without considering the health impacts.  We have been told that our symptoms are our problem and that merely addressing the symptoms is healthcare.

But true health is more than just feeling good. It is optimal function.

Living a chiropractic lifestyle means striving for progress in your health.  It does not just include being “pain-free.” While many people initially start seeing a chiropractor for a pain or a problem, they quickly find that consistent corrections to their alignment reduces overall stress, improves function, and yields overall well-being – whether or not they have pain!

Life is not static.  We will daily encounter various forms of stress that impact our health – physically, chemically and emotionally. But like anything, it is not what happens to us – it’s how we react to what happens to us that matters!  How we are adapting to these stresses on a daily basis over our lifetime determines whether we will be a statistic in a CDC health report.

There are 3 components to a chiropractic lifestyle.  Optimal moving, eating, and thinking.  Progress in all these areas helps move us towards wellness and away from disease!

SOURCE:  Accessed 5-1-14



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