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There Is Always Hope

Like many Minnesota Vikings fans, I watched the Viking’s top ranked defense give up touchdown after touchdown to the hot hand of Drew Brees in the second half of their playoff game last Sunday.  The Vikings gave up a 17 point lead and after a nail-biting back and forth with several field goals and another touchdown, the Saints were now leading 24-23. Only seconds remaining in the game.

Unbelievable.  Except not really.

We Viking’s fans can be cynical, can’t we?  After getting our hopes crushed over the years, it would not be unlike the Vikings to give us dreams of a Super Bowl visit (in our home nonetheless) only to squander a huge lead and serve up yet another let down.  I gotta admit – I was feeling cynical at this point on Sunday.

But there is always hope. As you now know, with only seconds remaining on the clock, Stefon Diggs pulled in an improbable catch and scampered into the end zone to give the Vikings a truly last second win and a chance at the NFC championship.

There is always hope.

The parallel to chiropractic is that we many times see patients who have given up hope.  Or, they have only a shred of it left.  They have been to multiple doctors, tried alternative methods, maybe even had surgery and still deal with chronic debilitating pain or problems. They’ve been told over and over that their body is broken. That their condition has degenerated and their genetics are flawed.

In our modern medical system, you can’t receive treatment unless there is a diagnosis.  And so we spend a lot of time and effort calling out problems, squashing hope.

There is little emphasis put on wellness and prevention.  There is little emphasis put on healthy lifestyle.  Yet, that often times is where the hope resides.  If smoking, poor eating and lack of adequate movement has led one down the path to illness, than why do we expect a pill or surgery to reverse the effects of these choices?  This oversimplifies many conditions, I know, but makes a great point that many times the key is to get back on the path of healthy choices in order to reverse the effects.  This is the hope of healing.

These choices cannot be made without hope.

If Coach Zimmer had thrown his hands up and given up hope, his team would likely have done the same and failed to make that play.  And, when a doctor tells you there is no hope, what hope do you have to make the necessary changes?

Absent hope – there is no will to try, no desire to succeed.

I believe there is always hope. The path may not always be clear and all the answers are not apparent, but staying on the path of healthy choices is the first step towards healing.  This is called leading a chiropractic lifestyle and hope is the foundation.

If the Vikings can pull off a “miraculous win”, surely our bodies have the ability to heal when allowed to do so. Removing the hindrances (subluxations) – the things that interfere with our ability to adapt- allows healing to occur.


Picture Credit: “Working our way down the field” by Laura is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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