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The Science of Happiness – Happy Thanksgiving from Lifestyle Chiropractic

The Science of Happiness

Please take a few moments to watch this short video on “The Science of Happiness”.  I promise it’ll be worth your time! 🙂

Thanksgiving is more than just a day off and time to eat a ton of turkey.  We take this time to pause and to count our blessings. We have been given many, many things that we often take for granted.  One of the things I value more and more each year is the relationships formed in the different circles of life.

At Lifestyle Chiropractic, I am truly grateful for all the people I have come to know over the years.  If you are or have been a patient at the clinic I want to say “thank-you” for choosing our office for your care.  I am blessed to know you and delighted any time I get to play a part in improving your health.


I consider it a privilege to provide adjustments to you and your family.  My favorite part of my job is the interaction I get to have with many different people and I am blessed to learn and interact with the people I serve.

I hope you enjoyed the video above – I also hope you will take the time to count your blessings this holiday season.  What would life be like if we lived each day with an “attitude of gratitude?” You might try the exercise in the video even.  I’m sure it will make someone smile, including yourself! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dr. Joel


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