Sucking Life

Just like liquid moving through a straw, the energy of life flows from your brain through your nerve system and permeates every part of your body. The more "open" and unrestricted your nerve pathways are, the easier life's energy flows and the healthier you'll be. Subluxations (misaligned spinal bones) squeeze nerves and restrict the flow [...]

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Seasonal change can be a real pain. And it's that time year again. Time for us to get outside and shake the rust out of our joints after a long winter. For many of us that may mean hitting the golf course, tackling the flower beds, or finally getting some fresh air on the bike trails. What we [...]

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In this short video, learn why you should choose conservative chiropractic care first! Conservative care 1st! It’s safe & costs less + research shows chiropractic is effective 4 acute & chronic musculoskeletal pain. Why try conservative care first? Painkillers simply mask pain, they don’t cure it, chiropractic finds the source of the pain. The CDC [...]

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We love hearing positive feedback from our patients! Our goal in caring for each person is to help them reach their health goals. Some people are interested in getting rid of their pain, some are interested in aging gracefully, some are interested in promoting optimal function, and some want to avoid future problems. Whatever your [...]

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Most people have heard the term “hunchback,” though they would not necessarily relate it to the term “cervical kyphosis,” which is what the condition is technically called. Also sometimes referred to as “Dowager’s hump,” as it can be common in the elderly, it is a condition where there is an excessive outward curvature of the [...]

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Frozen shoulder (more formally known as adhesive capsulitis) occurs when the tissue of the joint capsule in your shoulder swells and thickens, causing pain and a reduction in range of movement. It can occur in one or both shoulders, or sometimes even move between one and the other. The cause of frozen shoulder is not [...]

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Chiropractic is based on the belief that your body can keep itself healthy if your spine, neck, and head are properly aligned and healthy. Chiropractors work with spinal structures, correcting abnormalities or injuries to speed healing of nerve, joint and muscular problems that arise from the misaligned bones. But the spine is also surrounded by [...]

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It's sort of like the story of chicken or the egg ... is back pain a result of bad posture or is bad posture a result of back pain? Either way, correcting your posture is important if you want a pain-free back, as the two are intimately connected. One of the major causes of chronic [...]

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While lower back pain seems to get all the attention, upper back pain is increasingly a problem, especially with more people spending time working at a computer, which often leads to bad posture if the computer is not ergonomically adjusted. Seeing someone hunched over a laptop is a common sight these days. It can also [...]

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Chiropractic care is an important tool in the arsenal of any professional athlete. It has been shown to help reduce injuries, speed healing time and improve performance.   Wait.  Does that mean you don't need to be in pain to benefit from chiropractic? Exactly. A number of professional American sports teams have a chiropractor on [...]

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