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Shocking Migraine Treatment

I've had a migraine/headache for 6 days straig...

I’ve had a migraine/headache for 6 days straight. Today was so bad I couldn’t concentrate on what I was saying. I’m not even sure I knew WHAT I was saying because of the pain. I even mixed up two people’s names and felt really dumb afterwards. Anyone got a migraine cure? ūüôā (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Migraine Headache Treatment

Now there is a new technology aimed at reducing migraine headaches.  The technology uses electrodes to shock the brain Рyes, shock the brain and thereby reduce migraine pain.  Is this the answer to migraine pain?

Migraine headaches affect a lot of people Р36 million Americans by one estimate.  Of these, 14 million of them experience chronic daily headaches.  If you suffer from migraines or know someone who does, you know that it can be intense.  Often the migraine sufferer will be wiped out Рunable to function normally for a period of time.  Their often is a sensitivity to light and to sound.  There may be a dilation of blood vessels in the head Рany activity then makes these vessels throb and pound.

Traditional medical treatment is pharmaceutical in nature.  They try to mitigate the pain the person is experiencing.  All too often the sufferer attempts to manage their pain through this route on an ongoing basis.

New Migraine Treatment

Now, this new technology comes along to zap the pain from entering the brain…

Recently, a team of researchers that includes Dr. Marom Bikson, associate professor of biomedical engineering in CCNY’s Grove School of Engineering, has shown that a brain stimulation technology can prevent migraine attacks from occurring. Their technique, using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), applies a mild electrical current to the brain from electrodes attached to the scalp. “We developed this technology and methodology in order to get the currents deep into the brain,” said Bikson. (full citation below)

Well, that’s great – but what are the side effects of introducing electricity into the brain?

The question needs to be asked, “What is causing the pain?” ¬†Traditional treatment is focused on relieving the pain and doesn’t necessarily address the cause of the pain.

Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines

Chiropractors have a history of helping people with migraine headaches.  Often times the pain stems from a problem in the neck called a subluxation.  A subluxation is a bone that has misaligned and is irritating nerves coming from the neck spine.  These nerves may travel up into the head or around the scalp.

By locating these subluxations, the chiropractor then performs an adjustment Рa procedure designed to realign the bone and spinal joint.  This removes the pressure and irritation to the nerve and restores normal function.

If the migraine headaches are stemming from these misalignments they can be helped by the chiropractic adjustment. ¬†And, this occurs without taking a drug or having electricity running through your brain. ūüėČ

It’s probably always a good idea to find out the cause when seeking treatment for a pain or problem.

“The fact that people still suffer from migraines means that the existing treatments using electrical technology or chemistry are not working,” said Professor Bikson.

So true, Professor Bikson – but don’t forget about chiropractic that doesn’t use these and does work for so many people!

If you are suffering from migraines or know someone who is – call us – we’re here to help!

Dr. Joel


Source: Accessed May 24, 2012.


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