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Road Work on Highway 13 between West St. Paul and Lilydale

English: Minnesota Department of Transportation

English: Minnesota Department of Transportation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah, yes. Summer in Minnesota means road construction. And if you haven’t heard already, there is some road work on Highway 13 (Sibley Memorial Highway) in Lilydale and Mendota Heights.

Local businesses and, of course, residences are still accessible during this time, but it has made travel more complicated for some people.

Crews from the Minnesota Department of Transportation are replacing drainage pipes near the roadway beween West. St. Paul and Burnsville as part of a large project this summer. There are detours posted. Use Wachtler Avenue and Wentworth Avenue rather than coming down Highway 13 from Annapolis Street.

As always, there is a minor hassle temporarily, but hopefully this maintenance and improvement will reduce the frustrations of the future!

Here at Lifestyle Chiropractic, we are obviously aware of the road work and are striving to be flexible. Simply call if you are running late for an appointment or if we can help you find an alternate route!

For more information on road closings and the Highway 13 project, visit the link below:

Or, if you have specific questions regarding the effect this will have on your business, contact MnDOT’s business liaison, J.P. Gillach at

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