Patient Successes

“Dr. Joel puts you at ease the minute you see him. He does not just treat your condition but finds a way to educate you about the health issues you’ve been facing and how to move beyond them. Dr. Joel is a health and wellness expert! The Lifestyle Chiropractic office is run professionally in an inviting and friendly environment.  I recommend Dr. Joel any day of the week!”  – Caryn of Minneapolis 

“I have been seeing doctors and chiropractors for five years trying to fix my neck and back issues caused by an auto accident, and have not seen or felt much positive change until I came to see Dr. Joel.  In only a few weeks, I have had less headaches and tension, and have been sleeping much better.  It’s awesome to know I have a plan to follow to get my health back on track, and someone who sincerely cares about it!  Thank-you!” – Laura R. of Inver Grove Heights

“Dr. Joel is an excellent doc. He has been able to adjust my troublesome neck with excellent results — powerful and gentle at the same time. And he’s also a great person. He’s gracious and kind, and great with kids.” – Amy A.

“My husband dragged me in here kicking and screaming because I had amazing headaches continually, actually taking time off work, coming home early.  I couldn’t get rid of them. Now I’ve been here less than a month.  My headaches are pretty much completely gone.  This has just been amazing to me!  I feel a lot better.  And, I know I’m not cured, but I can’t tell you enough…I was taking so much Tylenol – so much everything.  I haven’t even touched Tylenol in a long time.  I’ve started to get a headache and knew I was gonna come see Dr. Joel and then “Bing” it’s gone.  It’s been wonderful!”   – Susan W. – St Paul

“On Tuesday, I could barely walk or sit—after two adjustments I improved 80% and was able to successfully cater 6 events on the weekend thanks to Dr. Joel!” – Brian R.

“I had a car accident in January, and I had severe neck and back pain along with headaches.  And for the first time yesterday, I had no pain in my shoulders and my upper back.  And I have seen a  lot of improvement thanks to Dr. Joel.”  – Kristi L. – W St Paul

“I hurt my back moving furniture one day before the New Year.  Lifestyle Chiropractic took me in the same day I called with one adjustment that day I felt much better for the New Year. After one week of treatment, my pain was almost gone; I got more energy in my days, less headaches and less insomnia.  Lifestyle Chiropractic made my day much better and pain-free.  Thanks!” – Sergey B. – St. Paul 

“I have come to Lifestyle Chiropractic for over a year and have had a remarkable reduction in neck and back pain.  I am able to provide better care at my job as a nurse at a rehab center in St. Paul and can once again enjoy outside activities such as bike riding and running. I recommend chiropractic care to my friends, family and some of my patients.”  Cisa G. – St. Paul

“I’ve been coming to Lifestyle Chiropractic for a little over two years and it’s really helped me because before I started coming here I was in a lot of pain everyday.  And I was becoming a hermit – I didn‘t want to go out of the house because I was in so much pain especially from sitting.  Now since I’ve been coming to Dr. Joel, I can actually have a life again!  I feel so much better and then when I do have pain, I come here and feel great- so I’m very happy with it.  Thanks Dr. Joel!” – Angie S.