What to Expect on Your First Visit

What Can I Expect During My First Visit to a Chiropractor?

We will request you fill our patient forms located in the New Patient Center. The paperwork provides us with general information about yourself and your condition. To save time please download our patient forms on this website. If you do not have internet access, we can either fax you the new patient forms, or you may fill them out when you come in for your first visit. Please allow 10 minutes prior to your appointment time to complete your new patient forms.

Next you will have a consultation with our doctor to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, as well as potential treatment options. Your first visit is designed to allow us to learn more about you, your condition and your expectations, and to begin searching for the cause of your problem. This is always complimentary to determine whether chiropractic care will help you meet your health goals.

The next step is the examination. Dr. Joel will conduct an exam which may include orthopedic testing, reflex assessments, muscle testing, and a specific Chiropractic evaluation. Your specific condition may require us to take x-rays. X-rays help us determine the alignment in your spine, what vertebrae are subluxated, and what areas of your nerve system may be damaged due to subluxation in your spine. X-rays also help us determine if you have spinal decay (arthritis), as well as other serious conditions and assist us in developing the most effective treatment plan for you. Most people are amazed once they see their x-rays and can often immediately identify their misalignments and degeneration themselves.

Dr. Joel will analyze your x-rays and exam findings and go over them with you at your Report of Findings.

Report of Findings

Because our doctor will need time to review your case history, your exam, and x-rays, once all the information and examinations have been performed, our office manager will set up another appointment for you later on in the day, or another day throughout the week. At this next visit, the new patient orientation and report of findings, our doctor will discuss with you the four most common questions new patients have:

  1. What do my test results and x-rays show?
  2. Can chiropractic and wellness care help me?
  3. What do you recommend that I do to get better?
  4. How much is it going to cost?

If you have a condition that requires care with other providers, the doctor will advise you of this.

Due to the extremely effective and unique technique and protocols our doctors incorporate into your corrective care programs, it is highly recommended that your spouse/significant other accompany you to the report so that he/she may fully understand your health issues, the recommendations that are being made, and is able to help you follow through with home-care exercises and stretches. Furthermore, it is our belief that families need to make all decisions, including health-related decisions, as a family! This will be the only appointment your spouse/significant other is encouraged to be at.