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Mysterious Disorders of the Brain and Nervous System

A recent article in the LA Times illustrates part of the problem with modern medicine.  As a whole our so-called health care system is

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focused more on disease and sickness than it is on health.

Now the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Undiagnosed Diseases Program is classifying a whole new list of diseases.

In a summary of the agency’s work thus far, published Thursday, leaders of the Bethesda, Md.,-based program said more than half of the cases they have accepted involve undiagnosed symptoms of the brain and central nervous system. Undiagnosed disorders involving pain, psychiatric symptoms and the gastrointestinal and immune systems also cropped up more frequently. Another common category of mystery cases ended up being diagnosed as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. (SOURCE:,0,72445.story)

Now don’t hear me wrong.  I am all for research and advances in our health care system.  But far too often we miss the forest for the trees and ask the wrong questions.

Instead of asking what it takes for the body to be well, we narrow our focus on what is making them sick.  Then we try to cut it out or drug it.  To be sure, there are medical mysteries.  There is illness and suffering.

But we should shift our focus.  Remember, illness is an absence of health.

How can we add health into the equation?

Eating healthier.  Exercising regularly.  Thinking positively and prayerfully.

Chiropractic aims at restoring balance to the imbalanced body.  It restores alignment, reduces pressure, restores function, enables better flexibility, reduces stress, and increases adaptive ability of the individual.

Need help getting started?  Make an appointment with us at our office – we’re here to help!

Your St. Paul Chiropractor,

Dr. Joel

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