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Movie Review: “Doctored” Peeks Behind The Scenes Of The Medical Industry

doctored st. paul chiropractor“Doctored” pulls back the curtain revealing the bias in medicine and the interests at play behind many of the recommendations patients receive. Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a pill for everything?

Why is this?

Beginning with a landmark court case involving chiropractic and the American Medical Association (AMA) the movie unfolds the history of the chiropractic profession and the adversity it has overcome to be the the most widely utilized alternative health category in the world.

[box style=”note”]Did you know that we Americans only make up 5% of the world’s population, yet consume 50% of the world’s medication?  [/box]

This court case uncovered a conspiracy by the AMA to quash chiropractic by labeling chiropractors “quacks” and deeming their work unscientific. New medical graduates were instructed to discourage their patients from seeing chiropractic doctors. Thankfully, the court found in favor of chiropractic – but in some circles the bias continues to affect the care patients receive.

This documentary exposes the bias towards pharmaceuticals in our health care system and reveals the truth about chiropractic and other health modalities. “Doctored” brings to life the stories of several patients who experienced dramatic healing with chiropractic.

These stories challenge the assumption that medicine should be sought first in a health crisis. It fairly portrays medicine as a life-saving intervention when needed, but ill-prepared to provide solutions to many chronic conditions .  And, it poses many questions while probing into what true health care is all about.

I recently had the opportunity to view this documentary in a premiere screening with the producer, Jeff Hays. Following the film, he shared his new found passion with chiropractic and sharing this information.  I recommend you watch it if you have ever questioned our health care system and the direction it is headed.  It is controversial and provocative yet full of hopeful and touching stories.

[box style=”info”]For a limited time, watch the full length documentary, ‘Doctored’, at the following link…[/box]

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Dr. Joel


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