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Low Back Core Stability Exercise | Chiropractor Mendota Heights

Low Back Exercise By Your Mendota Heights Chiropractor

For many individuals, the low back is a problem area. Core muscles have been deactivated and deconditioned by a lifestyle of sitting. Let’s face it – we sit on our commute, we sit at our desks, we sit while we eat and we sit watching tv/movies.

So for a lot of folks we need to begin a process of engaging the proper core muscles before we can initiate stability in the core.

One effective way is shown in this brief video.

Basically, you lie flat on your back with legs bent.  Then you slowly press your lower back into the floor or bed (whatever surface you are lying on). Hold this position for 10 seconds.

You should feel a tightening of your lower abdomen as well as a pressure or stretch in your lower back.

Work your way up to longer and longer hold times.

This is helping to stabilize your lower back as well as strengthening your core muscles!

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