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Lifestyle Chiropractic Supports National Medicare Equality

A grassroots campaign by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) seeks to enact federal legislation to benefit Medicare recipients. This initiative centers around the current Medicare system which pays only for manual adjustments of the spine. Medicare recipients are required to pay out of pocket for the required exam in order to receive reimburseable chiropractic care. Other treatments and/or therapies within the scope of use by chiropractors are not covered under current Medicare guidelines including something as simple as the adjustment of an extremity.

The National Medicare Equality Petition will raise awareness of how the current Medicare system shortchanges seniors who want and need the essential services provided by doctors of chiropractic to stay healthy, pain free and mobile. Chiropractors can be a solution for what ails the US health care system and this awareness is a key first step.

Please visit the National Medicare Equality Petition page to sign the petition and add your name to a growing list of Americans who want rightful access and full reimbursement for services provided by chiropractors for themselves or their loved ones.

The ultimate goal is to create a groundswell of support that Congress cannot ignore.

Learn More About the National Medicare Equality Petition…
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National Medicare Equality Petition

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