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Lifestyle Chiropractic Office Remodel [pics]

If you’ve visited the office recently then you know it has a new look.

Gone is the corridor-like reception room…instead, you now enter right in front of our front desk.

We have long considered a remodel to make better use of the space and over the past month the project has come together. There is fresh paint, new carpet and an overall better feel to the office! ¬†Everyone says it feels “more open” when they walk in the door.

We created this post so you could see some of the changes that have occurred over the years with the front desk and reception area in the office


[Scroll down for Before/After]

Lifestyle Chiropractic Reception Room Remodel


Remember the former nature mural behind the front desk?









Fresh paint and a chiropractic quote was a needed update years ago.









Improved Office Flow

We decided to open up the office entry and this would allow us to use the long narrow space to add 2 new rooms. To do this we removed the first room and shifted the front desk over in front of the door. This will make better use of the space.


Demolition in progress the front desk successfully moved!








Front desk situated nicely in front of the entry way.








New walls in place creating 2 new rooms.




Walls are painted and doors hung.


Waiting on carpet to replace the old – rugs will do for now!







New carpet is being laid – waiting on the trim









Carpeting complete!









Entry way – Before



Entry way – After







As you can see, projects like this are a process and require time.

This is the same whether we are remodeling an office space or in the process of healing, losing weight, or getting back in shape.  It is always good to remember that making consistent improvements over time will eventually yield what you want to achieve.

We are excited about the changes and hope the experience for our patients is even better now and would love your feedback. Leave a comment below or on our Facebook page to let us know your thoughts!



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