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Lifestyle Chiropractic Offers Customized Exercise Programs


Perfect Fit Exercise App

Lifestyle Chiropractic Exercise

A healthy lifestyle always includes some component of fitness and exercise. Many times we also find the need to recommend corrective exercise to our patients at Lifestyle Chiropractic.

Old injuries, tight muscles, postural stresses – including the stress of sitting – necessitate a regimen of stretching and strengthening of specific muscles.  Correction of subluxation, the misalignment of the spine, is enhanced through corrective exercise.

For a while now we have been utilizing a software that allows us to customize a set of exercise specifically for you.  You might say it’s the “perfect fit” for your lifestyle. 🙂

Perfect Fit Exercises

PERFECT FIT allows for any number of custom exercises including a brief demo on how to perform each one.  Most importantly, it lets you take your rehabilitation and fitness programs with you. Simply enter a workout code to view your animated exercises.

This way you can do them at home, in the gym or when you travel.

You may view them on your desktop or tablet or download an app directly to your smartphone.  These free apps are found below for either the iPhone or Android devices:

Google Play

So ask Dr. Joel what exercises are going to be most helpful for you at your next adjustment.  Get the app and get healthier!

(*No financial incentive is awarded Lifestyle Chiropractic for the download/use of this app)


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