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How to Prevent Being Injured in a Car Accident | Lifestyle Chiropractic

Prevent Injury When in a Car Accident

Accidents happen.  No one plans to have an accident or get injured, but the fact is that accidents happen frequently.  There are a few things you can do – should do – to minimize your risk of injury. While you cannot completely eliminate your risk of injury, taking these steps can simply reduce your odds of serious injury.

3 Ways to Prevent Injury

  1. Wear your Safety Belt Properly – First of all, you need to wear it. It’s the law and it’ll help keep you alive in most crashes.  Secondly, ensure that it is adjusted to the correct height for you.  Many cars allow for adjustable heights on the attachment point of the seat belt, make sure it is not too high for your shoulder.
  2. Move your Head Rest – Make sure your headrest is not too low or too far back from your head.  In a rear-end collision, your body and head will travel up and back following the impact. How much travel occurs at the level of your neck determines the extent or likelihood of a whiplash injury.
  3. Use proper ergonomics so your arms are relaxed and ready at the steering wheel – You want to be sure to have the best reaction time possible in the event of an accident and also be able to be free of impeding the air bag should it deploy.

If you have any questions about this information, please comment below or contact us at this link.  If you’ve been in an accident and have any level of stiffness or pain, please call us as soon as possible.  We’re here to help!

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