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How To Find A Great Chiropractor in St. Paul

How To Find A Great Chiropractor in St. Paul

Dr. Joel Fugleberg was recently interviewed  on the subject of choosing a great chiropractor in St. Paul.

Basically, you want to find a clinic with a good reputation and one with experience.  You wouldn’t want to go to  someone for your migraine headaches if the chiropractor had never treated someone with headaches before!  One way you can assess their reputation is by looking at their online reviews or patient testimonials.  Find out the types of people they have seen before and if they will be able to help you as well.  Odds are if others aren’t “singing their praise”, you won’t either.

Dr. Joel states that they try to treat each patient individually with a patient-focused approach.  Each person is unique so we then try not to have a cookie-cutter approach.  At Lifestyle Chiropractic they try to find out what their health goals are and then try to exceed their expectations!

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