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Cool Case Study On Gallbladder Response To Chiropractic


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Cool Case Study On Gallbladder Response To Chiropractic

We often hear of back pain and neck pain associated with chiropractic success.  But many, many other conditions respond well to chiropractic care.  Really, chiropractic is about removing the barriers to the natural healing ability of the human body.  Remove the interference and let the body heal – that’s the key to chiropractic!

Marjorie was a 62 year old chiropractor’s wife who presented in my office with classic signs of acute cholecystitis- a gall bladder attack, along with the presence of gallstones. She had severe right-sided abdominal pain, radiating into her right shoulder, as well as excessive belching, nausea and bloating. She had been up most of the night. Examination revealed exquisite abdominal tenderness under her right rib cage and a positive Murphy’s Sign. She had a history of previous gall bladder attacks, which led her to have an ultrasound confirming the presence of gallstones. She was accompanied by her husband.  [Continue reading…]


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