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Chiropractor Product Of The Month – Tri-Core Cervical Pillow – St. Paul, MN

chiropractor-st-paul-pillowChiropractor Product Of The Month -St. Paul, MN

Each month we feature a popular product that can be purchased at a discount or significant savings.  For the month of October 2013, the product of the month is the Tri-Core Cervical Pillow which is offered at 20% retail pricing!

Tri-Core Cervical Pillow

Orthopedic Support Pillows: Support pillows are designed to help correct and maintain proper cervical posture/alignment while sleeping by providing the right amount of resistive feedback into the cervical & upper thoracic musculature.

Correct: Helps eliminate symptoms by treating the cause of the condition. Helps correct the cause of pain, supports treatment to regain proper function.

At this stage, orthopedic pillows are often prescribed to assist in correcting the diagnosed condition and to help the patient regain proper function. Allows tissue to heal functionally. Prepares for the maintenance stage. Corrective pillows can help alleviate headaches; neck muscle and joint strains, arthritis and whiplash discomfort and help restore proper nerve function. Supportive pillows are used in this stage of care.

Maintain: Ensures continued good health by helping sustain the body in its proper, natural posture. Complements care to help prevent recurrence/progression. Pillows selected for the Maintain Stage should ensure continued good health by providing proper positioning and helping preserve the natural curvature of the neck and spine. For ideal maintenance, the pillow should provide maximum support and comfort. In fact, most people discover that once the normal curvature of the neck is restored, they crave the comfort of maximum support – the reason supportive pillows have grown more popular. Supportive pillows are used in this stage of care.

Orthopedic Pillow Uses

Natural placement of the head and neck, accomplished with the many different styles and shapes of Core cervical pillows, can help relieve intense pain by providing natural and correct posturing in supine (back) and side-sleeping positions.

Cervical support pillows are used when a cervical hypolordosis (less than normal curvature of the spine) exists, to prevent hypolordosis, or when cervical spasms or strains occur. These pillows are orthotic devices (apparatus used to align or support) used to help relieve spasms, remove minor tensions and maintain or resume the natural cervical lordotic curve while at rest.

By providing proper neck support, cervical pillows can help with:

  • Neck muscle and joint strains and sprains
  • Tension headaches
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Morning hand stiffness and swelling
  • Temporomandibular disorders
  • Stiffness
  • Snoring (in some cases)

What To Do

If you’ve wondered if you’re sleeping on the right pillow, ask Dr. Joel.  He can do a free pillow fitting and give you pointers on how to get a better night’s rest.  Call us – we’re here to help!

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  • Down To Sleep

    October 26, 2013, 8:50 pm

    Natural pillows are great!

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