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Piriformis Syndrome

The Piriformis is a muscle on the back of the leg underneath the buttock region. It connects the tailbone to the hip bone underneath the gluteal muscles. When it contracts it extends and rotates the leg and foot (think of pushing a heavy box or pressing on your brake pedal). Since it is a deeper [...]

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition of the feet in which the person feels a sharp pain on the bottom of the foot usually on the inside front of their heel. It commonly affects runners or people that are starting a new exercise program. Risk factors include running on uneven surfaces or [...]

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Squat Like a Toddler

If you ever want to observe perfect biomechanics, watch a toddler pick up a toy from the floor. You’ll never see them bending over, moaning in agony like an old man. They drop their hips, maintain a perfect center of gravity while lowering themselves, then pop right back up with the ease of an Olympic [...]

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Snow Shoveling Season It’s that time of year again when we break out our shovels and attack our driveways and sidewalks.  Freshly fallen snow is beautiful but brings with it a fair amount of work. To be sure, shoveling is one of those necessary evils – but it also comes with various risks. Few recognize the potential dangers [...]

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Lifestyle Chiropractic Exercise A healthy lifestyle always includes some component of fitness and exercise. Many times we also find the need to recommend corrective exercise to our patients at Lifestyle Chiropractic. Old injuries, tight muscles, postural stresses – including the stress of sitting – necessitate a regimen of stretching and strengthening of specific muscles.  Correction [...]

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  Elderly & Fitness Let’s face it. We’re all getting older. We know the effects of aging all too well. We may notice declines in strength or agility. We may not recover as quickly when we get bumps and bruises. Some of us notice declining memory or how fast our brains process information. Well, there may [...]

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Weight-Loss Simplified If you’ve ever tried to lose weight – you’ve likely heard it broken down into two primary factors.  Eating less and exercising more.  Or, put another way – consuming fewer calories or increasing the number of calories burned. Many people argue over which variable is more important. In an article in the NY Times, Aaron Carroll [...]

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World Record Plank Hold Recently a new world record was set by George Hood. He set a record by holding the abdominal plank exercise for over 5 hours!  If you’ve ever done this exercise – you know how impressive this feat is. He trained for over 9 months for the task and did it to [...]

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Spring Time Stiffness Seasonal change can be a real pain. And it’s that time year again. Time for us to get outside and shake the rust out of our joints after a long winter. For many of us that may mean hitting the golf course, tackling the flower beds, or finally getting some fresh air on the bike trails. [...]

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Low Back Exercise By Your Mendota Heights Chiropractor For many individuals, the low back is a problem area. Core muscles have been deactivated and deconditioned by a lifestyle of sitting. Let’s face it – we sit on our commute, we sit at our desks, we sit while we eat and we sit watching tv/movies. So for [...]

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