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In Greek mythology, Achilles obtained his powers of strength and invincibility when his mother dipped him into the River Styxx. But because she held him by his heel, it was not washed by the water of the magical river. Achilles survived many great battles but as fate would have it, a poisonous arrow found the [...]

Soaking Up Stress

Your nerve system is the ultimate sponge, soaking up all the experiences, sensations and stresses you encounter every day. Like a sponge, it can only absorb so much before it becomes over-saturated and spills stress into your body. The result - PAIN, SICKNESS and WEAK PERFORMANCE! One of the best things you can do to [...]

What does leaving your tools out in the rain, skipping oil changes and delaying trips to your Chiropractor have in common? Neglect... Neglect is the number one cause of breakdown. 100% of the time, neglect is not done on purpose. Sometimes it's just the hustle and bustle of life that gets in the way. Other [...]

Triple Dog Dare

You've been given the throw down. Your family and friends are egging you on to try their Chiropractor. But you don't 'believe' in Chiropractic and doubt it would actually work for your health problems. The question isn't whether you believe in Chiropractic, but rather do you believe in your own ability to heal yourself? You [...]

Clark Griswold stands with bated breath and extension cord in hand as a childlike giddiness overtakes him. The family drum roll commences, he makes the anticipated electrical connection and VOILA... nothing happens. Clark has a power problem. Although the extension cords are all connected and each individual Christmas light has been inspected with precision, he's [...]

If I had a nickel for every time a new patient exclaimed 'I don't know if it's in my head doc, but I feel pretty good after whatever you did...' my change jar would be full! Many new patients believe what they experience from their very first chiropractic adjustment is psychosomatic, a placebo effect they [...]

Subluxation Tuesday

Thanksgiving is over, so let the shopping stress begin! Millions of people worldwide will spend the next several weeks in a buying frenzy - determined to secure the perfect gift for a rock bottom price, all while sacrificing their health and their sanity in the process. According to a 2006 Greenburg Quinlin Rosner Research survey [...]

Medical preventative care focuses mainly on the early detection and treatment of disease. Their thinking - if you catch a condition in its earliest stage (i.e. breast cancer or diabetes), you have a better chance of managing it. Although that rationale bears some truth, it leaves you waiting for the train wreck to happen before [...]

Fall is here and it’s time to turn the clocks back. That means shorter days, longer nights and less daylight – much like what your body experiences when it’s in a subluxated state. The literal definition of subluxation is a ‘state of less LIGHT’ or power. Subluxations happen when vertebrae misalign and restrict the normal [...]

It’s frustrating having to sit in traffic with no signs of relief ahead. Now imagine what happens when nerve signals hit a subluxation snag in your information spine-way. Trillions of nerve impulses speed through your nerve system every second of your life. Some carry instructions for your heart… others, signals for the immune system and [...]